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"Just-In-Time" Bunker Service Announced

Houston bunker company to launch new service
18th February 2009 20:54 GMT

Buffalo Marine launches its new Just-in-Time service

Houston-based bunker company Buffalo Marine told Bunkerworld this week that the company is nearing completion of its Just-in-Time bunker service.

The new service will facilitate the prompt delivery of bunkers to better accommodate the ever-changing demands of international commerce, a company spokesperson said “Buffalo has pre-positioned its modern fleet of bunker barges with a variety of bunker products.  This is made possible by the strategic alliances with our suppliers and geared towards avoiding delays due to adverse weather, terminal congestion and conflicting vessel arrivals,” said Pat Studdert, Buffalo Marine’s President.

Buffalo has been updating its barge and transport fleet to ensure it is OPA-90 compliant in advance of the mandated deadline.

Under OPA-90, no single-hull tank vessels carrying oil in bulk will be permitted to operate in the United States after January 1, 2015.

The barges are loaded with a broad cross section of up to 4,000 metric tonnes (mt) of product and equipped with meters and heaters in order to maximize the ability to deliver bunkers in a real time shipping environment, the spokesperson added.

The newest bunker barge, the Buffalo 409, is also currently slated as a backup for its team of suppliers.
"When you possess one of the largest bunker fleets in the country there are some inherent redundancies that provide delivery flexibility, however, it is paramount that you do everything in your power to not let your
partners down.

“Buffalo Marine’s commitment to continuous improvement in the bunker market demands that we work in concert with our suppliers so that the movement of commerce in the nation’s busiest port complex is not compromised by fueling delays,”  Studdert concluded.

Natalie Bruckner-Menchelli, 18th February 2009 20:54 GMT