Home Bunkering

Complete fuel sampling and gauging assures accurate quantity/quality.                                                                                        

Our service begins the moment your order is received at our computerized command center. When vessel orders change,  we’re ready to accommodate any situation, making every effort to handle early arrivals, provide assistance should your vessel lose its’ berth,  cargo or dock delays, early loadings ,late discharges or any other unforeseen/unexpected  problems.

Our barges are gauged before loading your order, after loading is completed and after delivery is made. We provide you with complete documentation, paperwork and fuel samples. Heating is also available when necessary in order to prevent pumping delays and assure prompt expedition of your vessel .

Accuracy and quality is synonymous with Buffalo Marine Service.

  • Pumping rates up to 600 MT per hour
  • Sixty-foot bunker booms with ample hose
  • Every barge has 400 feet of oil spill boom
  • DDEC Tug horsepower to assure on-time arrivals
  • Diverse tank barge fleet to respond to any customer need
  • Special blending barges